Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

Your Car Wont Pass A Smog Test

A smog technician won’t test your car with the check engine light on. Have you ever wondered why it may go on then go off again, or maybe its on and wont go off at all? Do you wonder why it matters that it’s on anyway? Well here is a brief explanation of the purpose of the check engine light. The light comes on when your vehicle’s computer detects a fault that can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy and the exhaust emissions. If your check engine light is on your car will not pass a smog test.

In many states they require your vehicle to pass an emissions test to be eligible for registration. The State of California requires your vehicle to pass smog test before it can be registered. The DMV can issue a temporary 90 day registration if your car is unable to pass a smog test. For information on this issue, check out 5 common check engine light problems.

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