What Does “As Is” Mean When Buying a Car

Should I buy a Car "As Is"?

Buying a car as is no warrantyWhen buying a new car or truck you will most likely be getting a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers the cost of any unexpected repairs for x number of years or miles which ever comes first. When buying a used vehicle its presumed sold “as is” without a warranty of any kind.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new one is a much riskier proposition. Vehicles offered for sale “as is” aren’t necessarily in poor mechanical condition. You will have to be diligent to keep from getting a costly mechanical surprise later on after the sale. 

The legal term “as is” is used in a contract in regard to items for sale. The contract covers all issues known and unknown. The language used in the bill of sale removes liability from the seller and any responsibility in regards to the used car or truck’s mechanical condition. Resulting in the cost of fixing any mechanical problems that may occur after the title changes hands becomes the buyer’s responsibility.

Do All Used Car Dealers Offer A Warranty?

All private party car deals are considered as is. Dealers may sell a pre-owned vehicle with a warranty or offer it as is. By law a used car lot must have a “Buyer’s Guide” posted on all vehicles for sale. All printed sales contract must have the terms-of-sale clearly legible. New vehicle dealerships that also sell used cars are most likely to offer warranties, especially with certified pre-owned models. Certified pre-owned “like-new condition” vehicles undergo a strict multi-point inspection. They should have a warranty that extends the manufacturer’s original coverage for an additional year or more. Vehicles that are certified will usually cost more than non-certified automobiles. New car dealerships typically do not sell older model used vehicles, but sell them at auction. A used vehicle that isn’t covered by an original factory warranty can be sold as is. Repairs on cars still covered under factory warranty are not the responsibility of the used car dealer. Relieving the dealer of any liability after the sale.

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