How To Check Your Cars Oil Properly

How To Check Your Cars Oil

You should check your cars engine oil regularly

Clean Oil Gets More Cash for CarsIf you notice that your cars oil level drops between oil changes then it’s a sign that your car is burning to much oil, leaking, or its simply just time to add more. Oil cools down and lubricates your cars engine. Driving for to long with a low oil level can cause serious engine damage to your car or truck.

To check your oil park your vehicle on a level ground with car turned off. Also make sure the transmission is in park. Wait for a minute or two so to let the oil drain into the oil pan. Pull out the oil dipstick, it is usually located in the engine compartment near the engine block. If you are unsure where is it located then check your cars owner’s manual.

Pull out the dipstick and wipe it off with a towel or rag. Insert it fully back into the opening. Pull it back out again and check the oil level. The oil level should be between the low and full marks on the tip of the stick.

Check the oil condition: If it’s black then its time for an oil change. If it is brown, clean and transparent then this is a sign that the oil is still in good condition. If the engine oil has a milky color to it then it means that the engines coolant has mixed with the oil. This is a sign of an internal engine problem, usually a cracked head gasket. Take your car immediately to your local mechanic while paying close attention to the temperature gauge of the car while driving. If the oil looks good, but the level is low then add a quart or two to top it off.

When topping off the engine oil add small quantities of the oil into the oil filler neck with a funnel. If you pour oil on the outside of the engine block then wipe up as much excess with a towel. Wait for a minute or two to let the oil to pour down in to the engine. Check the oil level again with the dipstick. If it’s still low, add some more until full but don’t overfill it. Don’t forget to put the dipstick back and close the oil filler cap when you are finished.

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